Painter and multidisciplinary artist, Vassilis, is born in Athens, Greece, in 1977. After graduating from Parson’s school of design in Paris in 2000, he moved to Barcelona where he progressively started his artistic career, combining his personal work in his studio with various other related activities such as scenography and drawing teaching.


Greek (mother tongue)


Baccalaureate: European School of Brussels, Greek Section. Brussels.

BA: Parson’s School of Design, Department of Fine Arts. Paris/New York (1995-2000)


flashfilm interview

Professional Experience:


Scenographer for the children’s play ‘’Oak’s High School friends”. Tutatis Productions. Barcelona.

Scenographer for the television program “Los cuentos calavera” (in progress). Barcelona.


Scenographer for the play “The Caucasian Chalk Circle” by Bertolt Brecht, presented in Greek, under the auspices of Lykion ton Ellinidon in Brussels. Brussels.

Drawing teacher in the Titerearte School. Barcelona.

Publicity scenographer for Juan Molina. Barcelona.

Interior decorator for the Restaurant of the Hotel Conte de Barcelona. Barcelona.


Group exhibition: Artistic Center St Pau d’Ordal. Barcelona.

Various Scenographic and decorative creations: Elias Alvarez Studio. Barcelona.


Scenographic and decorative creations for BMW : Elias Alvarez Studio. Barcelona.

Publicity scenographer for Feria de Madrid: Elias Alvarez Studio. Barcelona.


Individual exhibition: Fine Arts Festival BAC. Caminal Studio. Barcelona.

Group exhibition: Expo Noes. Barcelonette Artistic Center. Barcelona.

Creation of masks for the theatrical performance “… ekei Polytechneio” presented under the auspices of Lykion ton Ellinidon in Brussels. Brussels.

Scenographer for the theatrical performance of Lao Santos: Artistic Center Can Felipa. Banrcelona.


Scenographic creation for L’Oreal: Elias Alvarez Studio. Barcelona.

Creation of giant pigeons for the Artistic Demonstration in Bilbao: Elias Alvarez Studio. Barcelona.

Interior decoration for the opening of the Hotel Axis. Barcelona.


Design and creation of decors for the theatrical performance “Detritus…for a lonely man”: Cia Llums del Silenci. Barcelona.

Group exhibition: New artists Festival. Vilassar de Mar. Barcelona.


Stage technician for the performance: “Triptic by the Theatre Zingaro. Barcelona/Paris.


Stage technician: Company Penny Wize. Barcelona.